Frequently Asked Questions

A: At TDR security we are constantly trying to improve our reaction times and aim to respond within 5 minutes. As a guide however, a reaction time is of up to 15 minutes is regarded as acceptable by the South African Intruder Detection.

A: Given that number of variables at play we believe that it would be irresponsible to offer such a guarantee. Rest assured that the entire process is governed by our international recognized control system.

A:Yes, TDR Security clients must enjoy all the benefits of an armed escort service. Our response officer will meet you at your gate and ensure that you are safe.

A:There is no charge for the occasional escort service, provided that you are an existing TDR Security client.

A: A basic alarm system links to your regular telephone line. When the alarm activates it seizes your handsets makes a call to the control room base station which answer the call and decodes the message from your alarm panel.

A:This depends on which zone was activated. Cortain zone (is this correct?)are programed to have a time delay in order to give the user sufficient time to disarm the system in order to prevent a false alarm scenario. In this case it depends on how much time was programmed into the system when it was originally installed, but can range from a few seconds up to few minutes.

A:Yes we do. The office will ask you few questions regarding the booking, eg,
  • How many people are you expecting?
  • Location type ( private residence or a hall)
  • Date of the event
  • Start and end time of the event
  • Will there be alcohol available (not sure about this as it sounds as if TDR are expecting to have alcohol)
A: It depends on the scale of the event and the site.
A:TDR is a national company and as such we provide security services nationwide.
A:Yes. TDR Security provide services which make you feel safe and protected.
A : PSIRA is the Private Security Industry Regulatory Authority for all security companies and their contact details are available on their website:
A : As a client you have a right to request copies of PSIRA certificates for the security company/employees, their PSIRA Cards and expiry dates thereof.
A: It is illegal for both a client and service provider to utilize an unregistered company with PSIRA. Companies who are not registered with PSIRA are non compliant, putting you at risk as they exploit employees by charging prices that are not regulated.
A: TDR Security has strategic medical partners who can be called immediately in the event of a medical incident occurring on a site protected by us.