Our Services


We offer professional and affordable security services to all our clients in the commercial, industrial, retail and residential properties ensuring that your premises are secured against illegal access or threats.

TDR Security Services Benefits include:

  • Maintaining a safe, secure and pleasant environment for our clients.
  • Effective access control and enforcement of “Right of Admission Reserved” policy.
  • Premises kept clean of trespassers, suspicious persons and unwanted elements.
  • Prevention of violence and property crime.
  • Detailed written reports regarding suspicious people, vehicles and circumstances.
  • Peace of mind to client.
  • National Footprint.
  • Trained professional security personnel skilled in identifying threat recognition.


TDR Security Services provide a team of trained Security Guards overseen by experienced Supervisors to ensure peace of mind for all our clients. All our officers are PSIRA qualified and registered and fully compliant with the latest Firearm Control Act.
All TDR Security Services guards are provided with mandatory equipment, identifiable uniform and Identity card. However, on client request we also supply undercover guards.

Guarding Monitoring System

We also supply a 24/7 three in one guard monitoring system is linked to our national control room, supervisors; managers to be aware of all activities onsite, e.g. fail patrol, missed points, panic or please call for assistance and is of the best, only provided ifrequested by client at an additional cost.


Our Corporate Protective Services are specifically designed to address the threat of violent crimesuch as armed robberies and our highly trained staff able to deliver rapid response to defend lives. Our reaction teams are all qualified and experienced in executive protection and compliant with the Firearms Control Act. We are ready to protect our Clients and their assets.

Our 24hr Control Room is fully equipped with the best technology to receive your alarm signals with highly trained and experienced staff able to deal with any emergency situations.

    • Panic Facility linked to our Armed Response Unit

All TDR Security Services sites are equipped with two-way radios as part of our reactive communication system. A panic facility on site is a precondition in case of emergency in order for our security guards to request assistance from the necessary armed response unit should there be a need.


TDR Security Services supply a comprehensive security solution for the management of any event and provide the following services:

  • Access and general crowd control and management
  • Safety and security of team players, performers delegates and dignitaries
  • Emergency exit and evacuation control


TDR Security Services offer strike security services for those companies seeking protection during strikes and labour disputes. We believe that prevention is better than cure and strive to avoid security related incidents whilst ensuring that our Client’s are able to proceed with business operations.


TDR Security Services supply a comprehensive security solution for the management of any event and provide the following services:

  • Alarm Systems – we offer a wide range of alarm and panic systems
  • CCTV Installation and offsite monitoring
  • Electrical Fence Installation
  • Access Control Systems
  • Custom Security Systems
  • Fibre Installations
  • Network Cabling
  • Gate Motors
  • Roller Doors
  • Intercom System

Compliance Certificate issued after installations.